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Activities properties
Add baseline
Additional cost chart
Additional gantt chart
Additional resource chart
Adjustments of the program environment
Allocate machine types
Allocate machinery
Allocate material
Assign activities to a machine type in Machine types
Assign activities to a material in the view Material requirements
Assign activities to a role in the view Role
Assign activities to a team in the view Team
Assign activities to an employee in the Human resource capacity planning
Assign activities to an employee in the view Employee
Assign activities to machines in the view Machine usage
Assign activities to subprojects
Assign employees
Assign employees to activities
Assign resources
Assign roles


Check links
Color and Size of the different objects
color in the project
Control of project financing
Copy properties from workplace
Create activities
Create new project
Create new resource pool file
Create resources
Create subproject
Create user-defined fields
Cross-project links
Customize program environment
Customize Ribbon


Default location
Default parametrs for new activity
Define color
Define format, [1]
Define general activity properties
Define header and footer
Define machine types that can be shared
Define machinery that can be shared
Define project properties
Delete activities
Delete baselines
Delete link
Delete subprojects
dynamic baseline


Edit activities
Edit link
Edit subprojects
Employee workload
Employee workload with an additional Gantt chart
Enter activitiy properties
Enter notes & links, [1]
Enter subproject properties
Export, [1], [2], [3]
Export MS Outlook
Export MS Project
Export to MS Excel
Export to MS Outlook
Export to MS Project
Export XML for Web
External documents


Failed resource
Fill in user-defined fields


Gantt chart
Gantt-network chart


Human Resource Capacity Leveling
Human Resource Capacity Leveling with additional resource chart
Human Resource Capacity Leveling with an additional Gantt chart


Identify machine types from machine allocation
Identify resources
Identify roles from the employees assignation
Import from MS Project XML
Import of the resource pool from resource pool file in integration server
Import text file CSV format
Improve presentation of the project
Insert subprojects from file
Insert subprojects from Integration Server template
Integration Server


Late activities
Legal notice
Link activities


Machine capacity planning
Machine capacity planning with additional resource chart
Machine types
Machinery use
Manual selection of calendar
Manual selection of employees
Manual selection of machine types
Manual selection of machinery
Manual selection of materials
Manual selection of project category
Manual selection of project status
Manual selection of roles
Manual selection of teams


Network diagram
New project
New project from template
New project portfolio
New project portfolio in Rillsoft with interface to Integration Server
new resource pool
new resource pool in Rillsoft with interface to integration server
New user


Open a project portfolio
Open a project portfolio in Rillsoft with interface to Integration Server
Open project
Optimize a project
Overallocated resources


Portfolio dashboard
Portfolio overview
Preferred teams
Print holiday report
Print preview
Print view
Project controlling, [1]
Project information, [1]
Project management
Project overview
Project portfolio, [1]
project properties
Project views
Project-specific employee workload
Project-specific Human Resource Capacity Leveling
Project-specific role usage
Project-specific team


Quick Access Toolbar


Resource allocation
Resource management
Resource utilization
Role, [1]
Role usage and Full Time Equivalent
Role usage with effort


Save header and footer
Save project
Save project as template
Save properties
Save properties in the workplace
Save user view
Select other resource pool
Set and adjust calendars
Set and adjust employees
Set and adjust machine types
Set and adjust machinery
Set and adjust materials
Set and adjust project categories
Set and adjust project status
Set and adjust roles
Set and adjust teams
Settings for project and programme
Shift to resource pool
Split activities
Split activities into places / subproject
Subprojects activities associate
Synchronize resources of projects witch resource pool


Take over start and finish dates of a project from activities


Unassigned resources
User views


Variance analysis, [1]
Variance analysis cost
Variance analysis effort
Variance analysis time
Views customization


Work with Project
Working in networks
Working with activity and subproject tables