User rolesΒΆ

RIS provides seven predefined user roles to work with user management, project portfolio, resource pool and additional modules such as iCalendar.

  • Super Administrator

  • RIS Administrator

  • Client Administrator

  • Project manager

  • Project user

  • iCalendar user

  • Timeline user

The user roles define rights for Folder independent activities such as user management, and working with portfolio and the resource pool.

In the menu item Administration/User roles you can observe and define, what activities with assigned user role are available.

To work with Rillsoft Project is at least required access right to user roles:

  • Read resource pool

All possible actions can be distributed according to the following groups.

User management

  • change client - change client

  • client share - a link between a client and users

Caution! If a user has no access for a client, he cannot open and edit resource pools or projects of this client in Rillsoft Project.

  • create user

  • change user

  • delete user

  • change organization chart

  • manage user rights

  • assign personnel resources

  • create roles

  • change roles

  • delete roles

  • access rights for user roles

  • access rights for directory roles

  • manage licenses

  • unlock license

  • manage e-mail templates

  • sent e-mail

  • Redmine synchronization

  • SAP synchronization

  • LDAP synchronization

Work with Portfolio

  • read portfolio

  • create portfolio

  • change portfolio

  • delete portfolio

  • create cross-project links

  • change cross-project links

  • delete cross-project links

Manage Resource Pool

  • read resource pool

  • change resource pool

  • lock resource pool

  • unlock resource pool

  • enter vacation planning

  • accept vacation planning

Vacation planning

  • change vacation account

  • enter vacation

  • share vacation

  • cancel vacation

  • enter sick leave

Work with additional modules iCalendar and Timeline

  • read user info

  • read info of subordinate users

  • read client info

  • read project info

  • read portfolio info

New user roles

You can create a separate user role by

  1. clicking on the button image1

  2. entering a name for role and adding notes, if necessary.

  3. clicking on Save.