Machine capacity planning

You can structure Machinery use by clicking the menu item Start > Outline > Structure using the following criteria:

  • Machine types -> Machine
  • Machine types -> Project -> Machine
  • Project -> Machine types -> Machine


Capacity alignment machines

Applications for the Machine capacity planning view:

  • Display of the project’s demand for machines in the project.
  • Calculation of the usage of every single machine.
  • Calculation of the total efforts and total costs of every single machine.
  • Visualisation of the machines allocation in activities.

You can use the Machine capacity planning view for the following:

  • Analyse the machine usage by means of filter settings.
  • Change the timescale.
  • Quick access to the resource pool.

Context menu in the Machine capacity planning view

  • Show maximum usage per unit of the time – the maximum required number of machine resources for each of the roles / qualifications per day, week, etc.
  • Show effort per unit of the time – planned effort in machine hours (or machine days, respectively) per day, week, etc.