Rillsoft Project is a high-performance software tool for project management, assisting you in project scheduling, capacity planning and management resource planning.

Rillsoft Project provides the following functions for all project stages

  • Project scheduling and management resource planning

    • scheduling personnel resources in the form of:
      • roles,
      • teams,
      • employees.
    • flexibly recording of roles by different levels of qualification with graded cost rates.
    • defining teams by:
      • capacity and costs per hour,
      • assigned employees.
    • recording employees by
      • assignation to several teams,
      • simultaneous assignation to several roles with different qualifications, costs and stages of productivity,
      • independent determination of non-working days (holidays, sickness).
    • evaluation of available capacity and usage of roles and employees at any time.
    • assigning employees on the basis of their roles and qualifications by means of an assistant program.
    • entering the work result of activities (pit 180 m3).
    • displaying the activity effort by entering employee days (such as 5 ED).
    • describing and administering the required materials and machines.
    • applying several calendar for the individual resources and a flexible scheduling.
    • multiproject planning and project portfolio.
    • evaluating excess and shortfall of personnel resources (supply minus demand = contingency).
    • using subprojects and WBS codes to structure the project.
    • viewing the project details from different perspectives.
  • Project controlling and project execution analysis

    • updating the project by recording the completion percentage of the activities.
    • providing a variance analysis which matches the parameters, such as time, costs and resource utilization, of the target to those of actual.
    • quickly detecting deviances from actual by means of a progress line and a baseline.
    • controlling the project financing.
  • Project management

    conciliating the actual with the target

    • assigning or reassigning employees to and from activities in the ongoing project.
    • assigning personnel to critical activities, in order to speed up execution.

    conciliating the target with the actual

    • separating of completed activities from waiting activities.
    • shifting of delayed activities to the cutoff date.
    • optimising of resource utilization of not yet completed project activities.