Insert subprojects from Integration Server templateΒΆ

Insert a new subproject in the end of the activity table

  1. Select the menu item Start > Insert > Subproject from Integration server template.

  • The dialogue box Open appears.
  • Select the project you want to insert.
  • Set start or end of the subproject.
  • You cannot assume the whole project but only selected activities as subproject by marking appropriate activities.

  1. Click on the button OK.


Inserted from the integration server-template project should work with the same resource pool as the main project. If there is a resource difference, the message appears.

You should open the project inserted from integration server-template separately in Rillsoft Project and switch to the resource pool.

Follow the instructions under Shift to the resource pool.

Insert a new subproject in any place in the Gantt chart

  1. Set the cursor on a field in the Gantt chart where you want to insert a subproject.
  2. Click the right mouse button and select the item from the context menu New subproject from integration server template.
  3. Continue as described above.