User infoΒΆ

Here you will find all the information for a user about his access rights and subordinate employees together in three tabs.

Click on the button image0


in the column Actions.

Access rights for user roles

Here information is summarized, whether the user is allowed to work with portfolios, resource pool and additional modules.

Access rights for folder roles

You can see in the tab listwhat directories and projects the user is allowed to work with and what activities he can carry out.

Subordinate employees

You can see in this tab, for which employees and in what fields the user should enter timesheet and vacation planning.

Create API access key

API access key is important for the iCalendar and timeline modules.

You can create a user’s API access key by clicking on the image4 in the column API access key.


After that, icon buttons that allow you to various activities, such as

image5 Delete key
image6 Display key
image7 Generate URL for user iCalendar
image8 Generate URL for user-timeline
image9 Send API access key by e-mail

appears in the column 5